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Research Description

I am currently working on a variety of subjects, inlcuding Stochastic optimization (Simulated Annealing) and its application to structural sampling of atomic and molecular clusters. Molecular structure and bonding. Cluster science. Chemical reactivity. Conducting polymers. DFT formalism. Relativistic effects in chemistry. I am also working on algorithms that translate connectivity and spatial arrangements of proteins into musical sequences and harmony.

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The follow links will take you to to watch live performances of music composed by me for a few of Raold Hoffmann's poems. Enjoy! The sound is much better wearing headphones:

Flat stones beg to be recycled
Enough already

Bio sketch

Graduated as a Chemist from the University of Antioquia in 1992, advisors: Jorge Mahecha, Maria Victoria Alzate. Obtained a M. Sc. degree in Chemistry from Florida Atlantic University in 1997, advisor: Frank Mari. Master of Science in Physics from the University of Connecticut in 2004, advisor: Harvey Michels. Earned a Ph. D. degree in Chemistry at the University of Connecticut in 2005, advisor: Robert Bohn. Currently I am full professor at the Insituto de Quimica, University of Antioquia .

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